Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hybrid Supercars, Who Wins the Battle?

Who is King of the Ultimate Hybrid Supercar? McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari or Porsche 918.

There is no doubt what we know now as the future of technology has brought many advances into the automotive performance world. Here is a look into the supercars of the once future.

Ferrari LaFerrari:
6.3L 65-degree V12 with Ferrari's HY-KERS Supplement which makes for 950bhp combined for an exhilarating experience with only 2767lb of vehicle weight. The KERS, Kinetic Energy Recovery System, is an energy recovery system designed to capture heat energy under braking and convert it to a potential energy available for kinetic work. This and other features like the carbon fiber monocoque come from Ferrari's race development in their F1 Team Scuderia Ferrari make this supercar one of the finest machines that be be purchased for the street.

Porsche 918:
Porsche is no stranger to high performance racecar development and it shows with their new 918 Hybrid. 4.6L V8 that produces 608bhp attests to their fine engine development. Couple that with an additional 279hp coming in form of lithium-ion battery packs to power the front and rear electrical motors to produce a combined 887bhp and 940ft.lbs, and you have the first vehicle that is built for street production to break sub 7:00 at arguably the world's greatest testing ground, Germany's Nurburgring. With the Weissach package and 3620lbs, the Porsche 918 managed this likely hard to beat title.

McLaren P1:
McLaren's Hybrid, the P1, shares the idea of Carbon Fiber monocoque as the MP4-12C and LaFerrari alike. A smaller, but very powerful 3.8L with twin turbochargers produces 727bhp and 531ft. lbs of torque which easily moves this 3280 lb. well balanced vehicle. The 2 electrical motors developed specifically for the McLaren produces a combined output of 903bhp and 722 ft. lbs. Along with its Drag Reduction System to aid in high straight line speed, IPAS (Instant Power Assist System) to give instant electrical motor assist, and a developed KERS system, the McLaren P1 is feature rich in the world of supercar performance.

With the basis of some performance marks on these cars, which is you choose and why?


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