Monday, August 3, 2015

SDECS Clean Vehicle Power Plan

SDECS Clean Vehicle Power Plan

1      Efficient Vehicle Initiative

Efficiency is effective in reducing resources needed to provide a given output and efforts abound in a world plan for a cleaner environment. Technology advances are at the highest rate ever, with the goals of reducing expenses and finding alternative sources for energy production and efficiency. Having the largest number of vehicles in the world, the USA currently is estimated to have over 250M registered vehicles according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. With this statistically large number of carbon emitting sources, there is great room for harnessing better energy within this industry and reducing the CO2 emissions that are inherent with the combustion of a hydrocarbon fuel. Many current vehicle manufacturer’s efforts in some lines of their products are dedicated to providing a more energy efficient and clean electrical powered platforms. While this is good for future vehicles, most of the vehicles on the roads today are not from this era of the clean environment push.

SDECS has the answer to “clean up our act” with the existing vehicles that travel our roads daily. Being a specialized company in engine control system development and calibration, we have developed a strategy designed to promote an increase in fuel efficiency in any of the vehicles that are gasoline, ethanol or diesel fuel operated. With our strategy to increase fuel economy in today’s vehicles, large scale savings on fueling can be found along with the reduction of carbon emissions equaling to over $3B worth of Carbon Credits.

With over 250M vehicles on the road, providing this service to less than half of those, 100M, with an average of 15mpg, 12,000 miles per year driven, and a cost of $2.99 / gallon of fuel would promote the following savings:

  • ü  $25-39+ Billion Dollars Reduced in Fuel Expenses Per Year
  • ü  76-118+ Million Tons Reduced of Carbon Emissions Per Year

Along with proving a substantial savings on expenses and providing the environment with a much needed reduction of harmful pollutants, our program would promote an increase in our Country’s GDP, helping the economy of the USA. It will provide training and jobs for many Americans looking for work, reducing other expenses such as unemployment, food stamps and other government assisted programs to help those who are in financial struggles.

Our scientific approach to this engine control strategy for fuel economy is lab proven and the results are real. In our efforts to make a difference in the overall impact of carbon emission reduction, we would like to offer this program to everyone in the United States for their private or fleet vehicles. We have the tools and the knowledge to make this change, we just need the vehicles to provide the service.

With your help we can make a change. Please help us to help the Country by forwarding this message to your State's Governor. 

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