Thursday, March 7, 2019

Yelp, Is it a real review site?

Getting to the Bottom of Yelp Reviews

With more than 10 years in business we have had the pleasure of providing parts and service to thousands of customers and received excellent reviews from our customer base. While we really try to go above and beyond for all customers, we have received 1 bad Yelp review and for some reason is the only one that is showing. In fact this one bad review is misleading to the public and unfortunately is the only one showing to future prospects. Not good!

We were contacted in October of 2018 by a Yelp advertising member asking us to be part of their advertising program, and they were relentless in trying to persuade us of the benefits of advertising on Yelp. We truly just didn't see the benefit of their platform vs engaging with our customer base on social media platforms and declined their proposal. Next thing you know, ALL of our positive reviews are gone, and only the negative review remains. We have contacted Yelp about this, and they were simply and utterly rude and disrespectful showing no type of professionalism, patronizing the owner of LCR, acting extremely childish.

Upon further investigation, we found we were not alone in businesses who have declined Yelp's advertising program and then had all positive reviews removed. Seems the FTC has been involved, the CA Attorney General as well but for some reason to no prevail..

As quoted from Wikipedia under the "Billion Dollar Bully" listing that is directed towards Yelp:
" 2014 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals found that businesses do not have a pre-existing right to have positive reviews, and that "threatening economic harm to induce a person to pay" therefore was not extortion under California law. In its primary ruling, the court held that, "We conclude, first, that Yelp’s manipulation of user reviews was not wrongful use of economic fear, and, second, that the business owners pled insufficient facts to make out a plausible claim that Yelp authored negative reviews of their businesses."

CA courts decided threatening economic harm to induce a person (business) to pay was not extortion... REALLY? It seems that is the very definition of extortion..

Just in case anyone else would like to read more cases of business owners experiencing this same thing, we thought we'd make it easy for you and compile a series of links discussing these practices.

So, we leave you with the question.. Is Yelp a real review site or do they in fact manipulate reviews in order to cause economic damages to businesses who refuse to pay for their services?


Last fact to note but definitely not least, one of Yelp's largest investors says their patience has "worn out" and urges corporate management changes or to sell the company:

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2017 Update on Tuning and Sponsorships

We at Last Call Racing are happy about the events happening in 2017. We have new products being added to our online store daily, some really exciting new updates for our tuning services, an integrated customer loyalty program and our search for customers to help sponsor in their efforts to build the ultimate street or track car.

Also, who doesn't love the release of the newly designed Ford GT?!

Let's talk about our new tuning updates.

We have added many new features to our calibration capabilities that everyone is going to love! In addition to our Engine and Transmission remapping service, we have added some new features for our customers.

What's new for our Tuning Options?
  • Catalytic Converter Removal and Rear O2 Sensor Deactivation (for non emissions controlled vehicles only)
  • EGR / DPF Delete (for non emissions controlled vehicles only)
  • SCR Catalyst Removal and DEF / Urea Delete (for non emissions controlled vehicles only)
  • Brake Boosting Control (eliminate throttle cut when brake and accelerator are pressed together)
  • Exhaust Flap Control (regulate to stay open or closed and depending on driving mode)
  • Sport Button Remap
  • Multi Mode Tuning (Eco / Normal / Sport / Race)
  • Automatic Transmission Launch Control
  • No-Lift Shift Tuning
  • Map Switching (several settings via Cruise Control Switch)
  • Spit-Fire Tuning (exhaust burble / can spit flames on decel)
  • Start / Stop Button deactivation
So that's some news about us, but we've also been working on you, our customer!

What's new for our Customers?

We're of the mindset to give more value than just being another parts store, so to build that value for our customers we will be starting a sponsorship program for our loyal customers. What is a loyal customer you might ask? Follow our Facebook Page Here, Share our Page with your friends, and make a comment on any of our posts. Also sign up for our newsletter on the home page.

What our sponsorship will include:

The sponsorship will be determined by the project involved and can include any of the following; financial assistance for the project, donated parts, build consultation and design, our custom tuning service. The sponsorship application open times will be limited, so make sure to follow us on Facebook and add yourself to our email list on the home page to be notified of the open times where we send applications. 

We look forward to serving you this year and helping you accomplish your vehicular goals! Make 2017 yours!

Call us now to discuss your project!
(858) 527-2917

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Earn Store Credit by Shopping with Last Call Racing!

Shopping with Last Call Racing is always a great experience. We dedicate our staff to holding the highest standards in customer service to give our customers the quality experience everyone deserves. We are also known for having the largest selection of performance parts for most all makes and model vehicles, custom tuning and race parts and accessories for this passion for motorsports!

We are adding another incentive for our customers to shop with us. A Loyal Customer Rewards Program. With every purchase through Last Call Racing, you will earn points in store credit worth at least 2% of every purchase. Why do we say at least 2%? Some items have more profit margin and we have more incentive room. With these parts we will automatically apply any increased points from that purchase to your account. These points can be up to 10%+, so you will quickly earn money on future purchases with us at Last Call Racing.

The points system is automatic with your purchase, so shop today, save money today and tomorrow!

Visit LCR's WebStore Now

Friday, January 15, 2016

Federal Regs force FCA to kill the current Dodge Viper

The 2017 Dodge Viper may be the last among it's breed. Federal Regulations have been known for implementing safety standards that greatly affect Vehicle manufacturer's procedures and standards of which they are held reliable. This is the case, as reported by Motor Trend (MT), for the future of the Dodge Viper. As MT reports, FMSS #226 requires side curtain airbags that simply will not fit in the current Viper platform. MT reports that FCA stated that in order for the Viper to continue, it would have to be based on a different platform, but there was no information available whether they would invest in to that scenario.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

LCR Support @ 24 Hour Daytona Race

Being in Florida has many benefits, such as sunshine, great weather and a big racing following. Coming up later this month is the famous Rolex sponsored 24 Hour at Daytona Race January 30-31st 2016.
Last Call Racing is proud to help support this event with on staff engine calibration support for many race teams. Look for the LCR staff shirts and come by to say hello!

Monday, August 3, 2015

SDECS Clean Vehicle Power Plan

SDECS Clean Vehicle Power Plan

1      Efficient Vehicle Initiative

Efficiency is effective in reducing resources needed to provide a given output and efforts abound in a world plan for a cleaner environment. Technology advances are at the highest rate ever, with the goals of reducing expenses and finding alternative sources for energy production and efficiency. Having the largest number of vehicles in the world, the USA currently is estimated to have over 250M registered vehicles according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. With this statistically large number of carbon emitting sources, there is great room for harnessing better energy within this industry and reducing the CO2 emissions that are inherent with the combustion of a hydrocarbon fuel. Many current vehicle manufacturer’s efforts in some lines of their products are dedicated to providing a more energy efficient and clean electrical powered platforms. While this is good for future vehicles, most of the vehicles on the roads today are not from this era of the clean environment push.

SDECS has the answer to “clean up our act” with the existing vehicles that travel our roads daily. Being a specialized company in engine control system development and calibration, we have developed a strategy designed to promote an increase in fuel efficiency in any of the vehicles that are gasoline, ethanol or diesel fuel operated. With our strategy to increase fuel economy in today’s vehicles, large scale savings on fueling can be found along with the reduction of carbon emissions equaling to over $3B worth of Carbon Credits.

With over 250M vehicles on the road, providing this service to less than half of those, 100M, with an average of 15mpg, 12,000 miles per year driven, and a cost of $2.99 / gallon of fuel would promote the following savings:

  • ü  $25-39+ Billion Dollars Reduced in Fuel Expenses Per Year
  • ü  76-118+ Million Tons Reduced of Carbon Emissions Per Year

Along with proving a substantial savings on expenses and providing the environment with a much needed reduction of harmful pollutants, our program would promote an increase in our Country’s GDP, helping the economy of the USA. It will provide training and jobs for many Americans looking for work, reducing other expenses such as unemployment, food stamps and other government assisted programs to help those who are in financial struggles.

Our scientific approach to this engine control strategy for fuel economy is lab proven and the results are real. In our efforts to make a difference in the overall impact of carbon emission reduction, we would like to offer this program to everyone in the United States for their private or fleet vehicles. We have the tools and the knowledge to make this change, we just need the vehicles to provide the service.

With your help we can make a change. Please help us to help the Country by forwarding this message to your State's Governor. 

Contact us today for more information or to get involved with our fuel economy program.
6325 Marindustry Dr.
San Diego, CA 92121
(619) 537-7707

Friday, July 17, 2015

Last Call Racing is Hiring!

Looking for an opportunity to work in an automotive high performance industry? We're hiring!!

We're looking for a few select people for sales and marketing positions. Must be motivated as this is a commission based employment with huge potential. Making $2000+/week is possible for the right sales person. Get immersed in the high performance industry selling the best parts for the best prices. We also do builds, custom tuning and consulting work for other shops across the country, so there is potential for future growth in the company.

 - Must have a knowledge of and passion for cars and trucks
 - Truly motivated people only need apply
 - Willing to learn new platforms of vehicles
 - Can complete detailed tasks efficiently
 - Possess strong networking abilities
 - Desire the life of high performance racing

We are now accepting resumes sent to with a subject line "Sales Position with LCR".

We are an equal opportunity business. Military is encouraged to apply!